premium australian wine on tap
no kegs. no gas.

A sustainable new offering that's unmatched when it comes to quality wine on tap.

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Font System

why choose the font system?

The heart of the free Font system is an innovative slimline fridge. Effortless to install and operate, it has two dedicated 10 Litre zones allowing for both red and white wines to be served at their optimum temperatures.

No kegs

With Font, there’s no longer any need for bulky kegs or large glycol chillers. When empty, our containers get flattened and recycled, taking up drastically less room in wastage/storage.

No gas

The Font System doesn’t use gas, meaning no gas costs, no dealing with keg couplers, no fiddling to get the right pressure, no leaking gas lines/connections, no lugging heavy bottles around and no storing of gas bottles.


Our wine is bottle wine packed specifically for our system. We work with some of Australia’s best winemakers to ensure we offer nothing but top quality vintages and varietals

simple & sustainable

Frustrated by gas and glycol tap options for his own venue, founder Connor Fitzgerald developed Font’s keg and gas free system nearly two years ago. After extensive research and testing, it’s been perfected to offer you an efficient, cost effective way to add a whole new dimension to your wine list. Thanks to its small footprint and simple installation, you could be serving Font Fine Wine in no time.

Meet the Founder
Hungry Bear Pizza Bar

“Amazing system that produces the finest wines and customers and staff love it!!
A must have!”

Kym - Hungry Bear Pizza Bar
Sunny Boy Beach Club

“Great new innovation for the industry that provides a great conversation starter for the staff to use. Product is good and taste tests generally eliminate customer skepticism very quickly. The Font team pride themselves on great customer service and nothing is ever too hard.”

Rob - Sunny Boy Beach Club
Mofo Lounge & Morocco Lounge

“The wines are great quality, the system is easy to use and the speed of service is fantastic when you have a busy bar. Also love that fact we are not throwing away open bottles at the end the weekend.”

Caitlyn - Mofo Lounge & Morocco Lounge

now flowing

  • All day Rose
  • Lady Augusta
  • Rubinetto
  • Motte Baily
  • Seperation Tree
  • Major

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If you would like to learn more about the Font Wine system contact us below.
You can also contact us on or reach us on 1300 FONTFW.