Sparkling wine on tap that actually sparkles!

Being able to pour a consistent and highly carbonated sparkling wine on tap has long been a goal for many wine suppliers. Unfortunately using equipment designed for beer, like kegs, has resulted in frothy wine, flat wine or painfully slow pours – basically, nothing like what a crisp, freshly poured glass of sparkling or Prosecco should be!

At Font Fine Wines we don’t accept the status quo that if it kinda, sorta works then that is good enough. We struck out to develop our own bespoke technology to be used in conjunction with our already existing wine on tap systems. After years of research and development, we are proud to offer a sparkling on tap system that beautifully pours a highly carbonated glass that will have your tongue tingling just by looking at it.

One of the keys to the system is that the magic happens right at the point of dispense. The wine is carbonated in line, just before coming out of the tap. This ensures that every pour is full of fizz and the same glass after glass after glass. For the system to work we just need a small amount of space near you tap, a CO2 gas line & standard power. Then, all we need to add is the wine!

Nailing the bubbles is one thing, the wine is definitely the other. We offer 2 different sparkling wines on tap. If you are looking for pretty pink fizz then our Sparkling All Day Rosé is for you! A lovely pale pink colour with hints of strawberry & rose on the nose. If you are hunting for a more classic sparkling then look no further than our River Run Sparkling. It is a classic Chardonnay Pinot Noir Australian sparkling with a pale straw appearance and hints of fresh-cut lemon and apple. A definite crowd-pleaser by the glass or as a base to and endless range of spritzes.

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